criminal injury compensation Claims

(for people injured in England, Scotland and Wales)

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We Can Help You Apply For Compensation

We will complete your application forms and return them in full to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and provide as much information for them at the initial stage.   This will allow the CICA to gather information about your case and make a decision as to your entitlement for compensation.  

The application will be reviewed and the CICA will decide on the information provided if you are entitled to a payment.  

The CICA can reject the application, but you can make representations and ask for an appeal.   The appeal decision is final (unless the matter falls to be dealt with by Judicial Review deemed unlawful, irrational or unreasonable in being rejected).

This is a Government funded scheme for blameless victims of violent crime.

You maybe able to claim for a single incident of abuse or repeated incidents following a period of abuse.

Where there are fatal injuries you maybe able to claim a financial dependency and loss of parental services.

These claims are time limited


You need to make an application within two years of the injury.  

The CICA may in exceptional circumstances extend the period over two years where there are specific reasons for you not to have made the claim.


You maybe able to get an award even if the person who injured you is not prosecuted



In broad terms, the CICA expect a crime to be a physical attack, but also include physical or sexual assault, wounding, and where you were injured as a result of arson.  

There are of course many individual and specific cases, which can be presented to the Authority.

Payments of Awards to Adults


Generally speaking if you are entitled to an award of compensation the CICA will make a single payment.  

This can only be done if your medical condition and financial losses are clear at the time of the settlement.  

Occasionally, interim payments can be made by the Authority before a final claim can be settled.

If the applicant is legally defined as not capable of managing their own affairs, then the Authority will normally make an award to the person who has authority to deal with the applicant’s finances.

If an award is made to a Claimant under aged 18, the monies can be paid into an interest earning deposit account, and the compensation and interest earned would be paid out to the applicant when they reach age 18.

The Authority have a tariff award, which sets out the amounts that the scheme can pay, and the amounts that can be paid for each type of injury.  

The assessment of the injury is based on the information available at hospital or from your doctor.  

Where you have suffered two or more serious injuries, the Authority will pay 100% of the full value of the most serious injury, and 30% of the tariff value of the next most serious injury, and 15% of the value of the third most serious injury.  

These are the maximum number of injuries that entitle you to a payment.

If you suffered abuse as a child this may still entitled you to a claim outside the two year period, no matter how long the abuse took place, the incident should be reported to the police before making an application for criminal injuries compensation.

Special circumstances may apply to a person who was sexually abused as a child, but could not report the abuse until they became an adult.  However, the abuse should be reported as soon as it is reasonable for the applicant to do so.

Applications on Behalf of Children


These are for an applicant under the age of 18, and must be made by an adult with Parental Responsibility for the child.   This is usually one of the child’s parents, but if the child has been abused within the immediate family and appropriate guardians may need to be appointed.


Fatal Injuries



The scheme deals with qualifying Claimants where a party dies as a result of the injury, then you maybe able to claim if you are the victim’s husband, wife or partner.


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